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Roz Gordon Photographer

My work appears in calendars, books, magazines, websites and display material. As well as selling cards and prints at exhibitions and craft fairs I also carry out commissions for various clients, including bespoke cards and prints for homes and businesses.

My main passion is for landscape photography, and I also enjoy other photographic work including events, animals, travel, and food photography. With an editorial and publicity background I am able to combine my photography work with other creative skills, offering clients a competitive all-in-one service:

  • desktop publishing
  • photo scanning and retouching
  • editorial and copywriting
  • research
  • map creation and adaptation
  • countryside interpretation

Using both digital and slide film with Canon cameras and medium format, I prefer to avoid filters or manipulating my landscape pictures, so as far as possible the finished image replicates what my eye has seen through the camera lens, using weather, light and composition to capture the atmosphere of a place.

The natural environment is my inspiration. I have lived and worked all over Britain and overseas. Through my work I try to support local services and use as environmentally responsive practices as possible.

The images on this website are just a sample of the range in my library. The originals are high resolution digital images or quality fuji transparency film. So if you are looking for anything specific, please contact me to discuss your requirements. info@rozgordonphotography.co.uk

Roz Gordon

It is illegal to copy or reproduce any photo found on this website without Roz Gordon's written permission.

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